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Key2Care SILVER 
‘On Call’

The Key2Care Concierge Silver Service Package is classed as an ‘On Call’ service to residents and clients who require a little extra time to maintain their Independence.  The Key2Care Concierge team will attend to your requests immediately on an
'as needed' basis.

Key2Care GOLD 
‘Time Package’

The Key2Care Concierge pre-purchased ‘Time Package’ service can often be a more cost-effective way to engage Key2Care for Concierge Services so you feel connected and supported in your home or facility.  

Key2Care PLATINUM ‘Executive Assistant’

If you choose the Key2Care Concierge Platinum Service package, you will have your very own Key2Care Lifestyle Executive Assistant assigned to you, with unlimited* access to the services. As part of your package, your Key2Care Lifestyle Executive Assistant will contact you a minimum of twice during your week [usually Monday & Thursday’s] to check-in with you on your current status and any arrangements or lifestyle support you may need for the coming days.

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Welcome to Key2Care

We are experts in optimising your funding opportunities and ensuring your Aged Care Funding Instrument (ACFI) entitlements. 
Our experience has shown us that around 90% of aged care facilities have or are currently missing out on necessary ACFI
funding for resident improved care and facility support.


Without the ACFI funding there is no way to provide an excellent, fully staffed and resourced residential aged care service.  
We show you how you can close the funding gaps in your facilities to provide greater outcomes to the residents and your team.


At Key2Care we understand that it’s about having the funds to provide greater care to our elders.  We understand that the level of care and expertise is often driven by the organisation having access to financial drivers, which then provide access for your overall support care capabilities.


The 'key' to 'care' is always the funding!

5 reasons to book an ACFI check with us:

  1. It’s affordable – contact us now for a sample assessment at minimum time and cost to your business operation!

  2. It can be done remotely with no disruption to your work flow or residents.

  3. It estimates your increases.

  4. There are always increases. Some big some small but they are there if you know how to look for them. 

  5. We offer programs to help you transform the estimates into reality.

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