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Key2Care was established in 2013 to address the inequity between funding entitlements and  funding actuals. As a team Key2Care has seen first-hand how the industry is dealing with crippling regulations, consistent change, cuts to the funding streams and enormous workloads on our clients teams. 


Frankly, we know that some smaller organisations and not-for-profits are barely surviving. At Key2Care, we want our clients to maximise their ability to claim against their residents needs and have a greater ability to support the needs of the residents and the facilities to provide high level, high functioning service that enhances the outcomes of the residents.


The Key2Care team provides residential facilities and organisations with support and management of income streams to assist organisations to provide comprehensive care focused outcomes.


Our clients have dubbed Key2Care as the ‘ACFI Guru’s’, largely because of the results we have achieved with ACFI increases. The average increase is more than $32,000 per resident, which is an enviable record.


Key2Care understands how dramatically a funding increase can affect the quality of the work environment, care availability and how it can enhance the lives of residents at facilities. Key2Care has experience in Aged Care across all levels of management in both large national organisations and independent facilities gives us a unique understanding of all the issues teams can face in their business.


Our extensive network within the industry also provides us with a wealth of resources we happily share with our clients so that you can do your best work in the most efficient manner possible.


Key2care’s focus on funding helps facilities and their teams to deliver the best possible care to residents and empowers the team to give their very best with improved resources and financial freedom to change the real living standards of Ageing Australians.


As an organisation, Key2Care provides services on a National basis and will support your team in both Metropolitan and Regional centres in all States and Territories throughout Australia.


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