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ACFI Assessment


ACFI assessment is used to allocate funding resources based on the needs of individual aged care residents throughout Australia.  In practice, ACFI determines the funding based on the day to day needs of each individual resident living in a facility and then pays subsidies to the residential aged care home that is providing the care to the resident.  The facility then manages these funds to ensure that there is sufficient care and staffing with the appropriate skills and resources to provide the level of care to the resident that they require.


We all recognize that as people age, their need for care changes.  Each person’s needs will be different and in Australia our services are tailored so that each person receives the assistance they need. People who are in permanent residential care facilities require assistance with most activities. 

The ACFI is an assessment tool which looks at three different areas of care:

  • Activities of daily living

  • Cognition and behavior

  • Complex health care


At Key2Care we understand that people who are in permanent residential aged care facilities fall into the following areas:

  • Almost all have a current ACFI assessment on their record [99.4%] with around one-third [31%] having a ‘high’ care need rating in all 3 of the ACFI assessment areas [above]

  • The majority [85%] of residents are diagnosed with at least one mental health or behavioral condition

  • Depression is the most commonly diagnosed mental health condition [47%]

  • Dementia has been diagnosed in just over half of the residents [52%]

  • Women, people born in non-English speaking countries and people who prefer speaking a language other than English were more likely to have a ‘high’ rating across all three assessment areas

  • The largest proportion of care needs rated as ‘high’ [63%] was in the cognition and behavior assessment areas


ACFI Assessments are usually carried out by a qualified person on behalf of the organisation or perhaps by a specialized team [such as Key2Care] to ensure that the level of care available to the resident is of the highest standard.  At Key2Care we understand that most facilities have limited access to specialized staff who are able to carry out assessments in determining individual resident needs.  We know that this impacts on the overall operational capability of most organisations and so this is a key focus area for our team.


Key2Care employs highly trained experts who can assess the individual care needs of residents, allowing the organisations staff to focus on the care whilst we ensure that claims for funding are maximized to meet the individualized needs of your residents.


Key2Care has been helping organisations to achieve better claiming capability by working closely with the facility teams to support:

  • Review and updating of Care Plans

  • Supporting the physical assessments and engagement with specialist services

  • Completion of appraisal and assessment packs

  • Completion of required reporting and claims submissions within timeframes

  • Ensuring regular scheduled visits and support mechanisms are provided throughout our engagement period with clients

  • Training and education on key assessment criteria to build staff capacity

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