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ACFI Health Check

The key to identifying healthier funding


To screen for increases in funding entitlements within the facility’s service

  • KEY2CARE will review and gather evidence from a random sample of residents, to identify missed entitlements

  • A health check is conducted onsite requiring access to progress notes, care plans, clinical assessments, ACCR's, Medicare payment statements and any other evidentiary documents. Alternatively, this can be done remotely but would require electronic access to the resident data.

  • Onsite reviews will take around 3-4 hours depending on the sample size. A 10% sample is sufficient to identify increases and has minimal effect on work flows. The sample is selected at random.

  • The onsite health check includes entry and exit meetings with provision of diagnostic report within 5 working days of your review.

  • If your ACFI Health Check identifies increases, Key2care can provide a variety of key service options to allow the facility to then realize the increases across the entire facility or organisation.

Are your staff already stretched to capacity?


‘Discover’ the funding increases without feeling burdened or overwhelmed by the process.

Escape the daily grind and challenges of ACFI reviews and assessments.


Key2Care can do it ALL for your organisation or team.


Our Clinical Approach supports rectification of your ACFI Claims and allows better comprehensive clinical assessment to appraise the resident’s needs. Key2Care will provide intensive, fast-faced services in-house which are designed to quickly identify and rectify revenue gaps to support your teams.


When organisations work with Key2Care they are provided with a Key Clinical Manager who can provide regular transparent and insightful reporting and ongoing advise and assessment.  All residents are comprehensively assessed for care needs to support better outcomes for the individuals and the organisation overall.


At Key2Care, we can support your organisation with ACFI claims by giving staff the chance to focus their energy on caring for residents. It takes the worry away from managers by handing the load to us.


In addition to all discovery service components Key2Care’s experts will:

  • complete your mandatory assessments

  • support the team with clinical assessment

  • collate your ACFI packs ensuring validity

  • present you with a completed claim ready for submission to Medicare

  • support the appeals process (in the unlikely event of downgrades)


This option relieves our clients staff from worrying about the extra paperwork and allows for extra care for your residents. Training and support is still provided to your key staff by the Key Clinical Manager for the facility. All ACFI packs are audited to ensure sustainability through validation. At Key2Care we anticipate 0 downgrades.

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ACFI Health Check

Let us show you the key to identifying healthier funding

ACFI Assessment

ACFI assessment is used to allocate funding resources based on the needs of individual aged care residents throughout Australia.

Staff training

Experience our interactive training PRACTICUM at your facility or at a centralised training session.

Sanction Support Service

A range of sanctions may be placed on these providers depending on the problems that have been identified. 


Key2care will audit all your existing ACFI claims for authenticity.

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