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Fair Use Policy

Key2Care Concierge Services
‘Fair Use Policy’

  • You can submit unlimited Requests with your Key2Care Lifestyle Consultant.

  • Under the Key2Care Concierge Lifestyle Programs, all requests each week will be given first priority.

  • If you would like an errand run by your Key2Care Lifestyle Consultant, they will book a third party provider service [please note that the third party provider will incur additional fee’s].  It is important to note that third party provider fees are not covered by Key2Care as part of your weekly concierge service costs.

  • If the weekly payment is declined, Key2Care will work with you to restore your account back to a valid status to ensure that we can continue to provide you with your services.

  • Any of the service packages can be cancelled in the event of the clients end of life with an immediate cessation of any further charges.


Your Lifestyle Consultant services do not include:

  • Invoices from third parties or other reasonable expenses required to complete your time/request, such as booking fees and service costs ie. Taxi’s & Uber’s; Service delivery costs at external party appointments etc.

  • Errand running, such as your Key2Care Lifestyle Consultant taking you somewhere from Point A to Point B in your area or city.

  • Attending onsite tasks, such as meeting onsite with trades or other persons at your home.

  • Using the services in an ongoing manner that would constitute a full-time Consultant (6+ hrs each day).  

  • You may not re-sell; re-assign or gift your time/requests to another person.

  • You may not use time/requests to generate an income for yourself or others.

  • Unusual patterns inconsistent with normal concierge time/requests will be highlighted and discussed with you.

  • Your Key2Care Lifestyle Consultant will be available to you Monday to Friday 8.30am to 5.00pm AUS EST, service outside these hours, we will need to make a special arrangement [additional fees may apply].


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