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GOLD - Concierge Lifestyle Service 

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Key2Care Concierge –  GOLD Service ‘Time Package’

‘Connected & Supported’

A Key2Care Concierge pre-purchased ‘Time Package’ service can often be a more cost-effective way to engage Key2Care for Concierge Services so you feel connected and supported in your home or facility.  


You can simply purchase a Time Package; our minimum block purchase is 10 hours of Concierge Services.  You can purchase the package in advance and have it ‘banked’ to be used whenever you need it.  You can bank your hours for future use for up to 12 months from the initial date of purchase.


Your time will remain available to you until it has all been used [or it expires, whichever is the sooner]. Time can be used for any taskproject or errand managed by the Key2Care Concierge team for your chosen service requirement.


The Key2Care Concierge Service team is based here in Australia, has extensive local knowledge together with access to a range of network partners and connections to resource the best solution for your individualised needs.


By calling the Key2Care Concierge team or contacting us by email, whichever means of communication you prefer, Key2Care’s Concierge Service team is fully available and accessible to you anywhere in Australia.


Access to the Key2Care Lifestyle Concierge Gold Package is from Monday to Friday.  We here to provide you with as much or as little help as you need to enable you to comfortably live in your home or a facility with simplicity and independence.


Description of Services for Gold Service Package ‘Connected & Supported’

Your Key2Care Concierge Gold ‘Time Package’ works the same as our Concierge ‘On Call’ service, allowing you to live comfortably at home or in a residential facility, whilst being able to keep up with all of your regular commitments. Our Gold Services package includes a wide and varied range of support services.  Some of these include:

  • Personal Care and well being

  • Helping you stay connected with the community

  • Basic Support with your health, home and community well being needs


Supporting Health

  • Establishing and overseeing any Clinical Nursing care

  • Arranging allied health professionals appointments or needs

  • Supporting any personal care; lifestyle and wellness needs

  • Key2Care can arrange for group respite and lifestyle outings

  • Engaging with local services for your needs – hairdresser, group activities, men shed, attending social clubs and centre based respite

  • Supporting personal care; lifestyle and wellness; assistance with personal hygiene & continence support; personal grooming, medication management.


Supporting Home

  • Housekeeping and regular cleaning

  • Arranging out house regular housekeeping services

  • Help with Shopping for day to day items; birthday or special event gift shopping

  • Conducting any Travel arrangements

  • Pet care & grooming

  • De-Cluttering your home

  • Supporting a downsizing

  • Facilitating any packaging and/or moving

  • Arranging regular Home Care, gardening and asset maintenance

  • Meal Preparation and arrangements – Meals on Wheels, Lite & Easy or other prepared food providers

  • Supporting you with regular Financial health Checks

  • Arrangement of external Legal and GVT Paperwork submission support

  • Wills and Power of Attorney


Community Engagement

  • Supported Physical activities

  • Spiritual activities

  • Attending special events and getting ‘Out and About’ in your community

  • Engagement in community groups


Supporting Well-being

  • Assisting with technology

  • Arranging transport to and from events

  • Engagement for Respite

  • Undertaking booking activities with making travel arrangements


Other Services – The following additional Services are POA (price on application)

  1. Pastoral Care

  2. Volunteers and community Visitors

  3. Home Modifications and equipment

  4. Medical Appointments & Arrangements


Our Services and the ‘Fine Print’

When engaging the Key2Care Concierge Service, there are some ground rules that we need to make sure you are aware of before we get started.  So here is some of the ‘fine print’.  


  • Fees do not include invoices from third party providers in the completion of your request (for example, fares for taxi’s; uber; item to be purchased; contractors or third party service costs – medications etc.)

  • You may wish to submit your Request via telephone or email.

  • We understand that your request can be detailed and complex in nature, so any project or task you need can be completed – after all, only the sky (and the law) is the limit.

  • Your request may include an errands service or an on-site appointment; whatever it takes to meet your needs.

  • Your ‘Time Package’ purchase of 10 hours of Key2Care Concierge Service remains valid for 12 months. Once you have reached 80% utilisation of your Time Package, we will let you know so you can choose to purchase another Time Package or perhaps consider engaging the use of our weekly assignment of a Concierge Lifestyle Consultant to you.

  • The hourly rate for the time package is $100.00 + GST.  The minimum package purchase for this service is 10 hours = $1000.00 + GST for the overall initial purchase of the packaged hourly rate.


Items ‘not’ included in your package by Key2Care Lifestyle Concierge Services

Your Key2Care Concierge Gold Service for ‘Time Package’ delivery does not include:

  • Invoices from third parties or reasonable expenses required to complete your Request, such as additional booking fees.

  • You may not resell or gift your time to another person.

  • You may not use time/requests to generate an income for yourself or others.

  • Unusual patterns inconsistent with normal concierge requests will be highlighted and consulted with you.

  • Your Key2Care Lifestyle team will be available Monday to Friday 8.30am to 5.00pm AUS EST. Service outside of these hours will be by special arrangement and will incur additional costs.

  • Be sure to fully read and understand the Terms and Condition of Business before joining us.  This includes the details such as our insurance coverage, full details of our fees, cancellation policies and what to do if you don’t like a service we recommend.


NB.  Be sure to fully read and understand the Terms and Condition of Business before joining us.  This includes important information on our insurance coverage, full details of our fees, cancellation policies and what to do if you don’t like a service we recommend. You can also check out Returns, Refunds and Complaints policy here too. All prices quoted are in AUD (Australian Dollars)

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