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PLATINUM - Concierge Lifestyle Service 

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Key2Care Concierge –  PLATINUM ‘Executive Assistant’

‘Peace of Mind’

If you choose the Key2Care Concierge Platinum Service package, you will have your very own Key2Care Lifestyle Executive Assistant assigned to you, with unlimited* access to the services. As part of your package, your Key2Care Lifestyle Executive Assistant will contact you a minimum of twice during your week [usually Monday & Thursday’s] to check-in with you on your current status and any arrangements or lifestyle support you may need for the coming days.


If you need someone in your life to support and ensure you can independently live well and get stuff done with Peace of Mind, then a Key2Care Lifestyle Executive Assistant will be a dream-come-true.


Your service will continue for as long as you need us…  We know that once you’ve experience how much time a Key2Care Lifestyle Executive Assistant Lifestyle will add value to your life, you’ll wonder how you’d manage without it.


The service includes a Key2Care Lifestyle Consultant who will be assigned to a client who is based close by, regular contact throughout their week, providing check-ins, reminders and alerts for things specifically that you want us to know and perhaps assist with achieving daily, weekly or monthly key items.


This weekly service availability, represents extremely good value for money, peace of mind and bespoke services each and every week.  The Platinum service will place you on our priority support list with a dedicated Key2Care Lifestyle Executive Assistant at the ready.  


Description of Services for Platinum Service Package ‘Peace of Mind’

The services provided under the Platinum ‘Peace of Mind’ package provides a higher level of care and support.  This Lifestyle Concierge package will provide you and your loved ones with the peace of mind, knowing that you are being monitored, supported and looked after with the highest level of care, compassion and dignity available.


This package includes access to expert clinical and personal well being advice, with ongoing support to ensure that a broad range of medical needs are being managed appropriately with the client.

Service Inclusions

Access to all services outlined in the Gold and Silver Packages.

The Platinum package provides the freedom, flexibility and choice to design your individual needs and select services that are a best fit for each individuals’ needs, passions and lifestyle. This package ensures that the client has access to:

  • Your own dedicated Executive Assistant

  • Access to an entire team that understands your individual needs! We appreciate that everyone’s needs are different. We work with you as an individual to ensure you maintain your identity.

  • Ongoing support and consistent communication one-on-one

  • Priority first contact

  • Weekly engagement [twice weekly] by your Executive Assistant


Our Services and the ‘Fine Print’

To take advantage of this life managing and wonderfully supportive service, we are absolutely committed to providing you with an amazing Concierge experience. When engaging a Key2Care Lifestyle Executive Assistant, there are some ground rules we need to make sure you are aware of before we get started.  


We would like to make sure you understand all of the ‘fine print’ for this service, these include:

  • The Lifestyle Consultant fee is AUD $100 [+ GST] each week and payments will automatically be deducted from your nominated account every 7 days starting from the commencement date. Should a payment be declined, any Requests will remain in a queue until the payment is settled.

  • Your initial commitment is for 12 weeks only – after that you can walk away at any time – with no additional fees & certainly no penalties.  

  • You will have unlimited* access to our Key2Care Lifestyle Consultant team which will allow you to submit as many Requests as required during the week.

  • All requests each week will be given first priority with your Lifestyle Executive Assistant.

    • We will arrange a weekly touch point with you on a day that suits you to ensure that your requests and arrangements for the week are scheduled.

  • All actionable items will be responded to within 24 hours.

  • Your Key2Care Lifestyle Consultant can book third party service providers to complete tasks on your behalf to support you. There is nothing your Lifestyle Consultant can’t organise for you, so long as it is legal.

  • Your Key2Care Lifestyle Consultant can be cancelled at the conclusion of your initial 12 week term, with 7 days written notice [1 week].  Refunds will not be offered for cancellations occurring within the first 12 weeks and total amounts for the nominated period will remain owing to Key2Care Concierge services.


Items ‘not’ included in your Platinum package by Key2Care Lifestyle Concierge Services

Your Key2Care Concierge Platinum Service for delivery does not include:

  • Invoices from third parties or reasonable expenses required to complete your Request, such as additional booking fees.

  • You may not resell or gift your time to another person.

  • You may not use time/requests to generate an income for yourself or others.

  • Unusual patterns inconsistent with normal concierge requests will be highlighted and consulted with you.

  • Your Key2Care Lifestyle team will be available Monday to Friday 8.30am to 5.00pm AUS EST. Service outside of these hours will be by special arrangement and will incur additional costs.

  • Be sure to fully read and understand the Terms and Condition of Business before joining us.  This includes the details such as our insurance coverage, full details of our fees, cancellation policies and what to do if you don’t like a service we recommend.


NB.  Be sure to fully read and understand the Terms and Condition of Business before joining us.  This includes important information on our insurance coverage, full details of our fees, cancellation policies and what to do if you don’t like a service we recommend. You can also check the Returns, Refunds and Complaints policy here too. All prices quoted are in AUD (Australian Dollars)

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