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  • What if Key2Care comes to site and does not identify increases?
    More often than not there are unidentified increases which we reveal and secondly we absorb the risk so that the organisation can have our services risk free without having to sell your soul to afford us.
  • Are Key2Care’s Fees fixed?
    Key2Care has both fixed and negotiated rates of fees and charges. We are happy to work with organizations on specific needs and constraints and commercially negotiate accordingly.
  • Besides those listed here, does Key2Care offer other service options?"
    Key2care is happy to work in partnership with your organisation to contextualise a service which suits the team. Perhaps your organisation needs support with preparing for accreditation, staff recruitment or clinical governance? Is your organisation currently under Sanction and need Nurse Advisor services. Let Key2Care develop a specific service or support plan just for your organisation or team! The industry is heading towards consumer directed care and so is Key2Care.
  • What makes Key2care different?
    Key2care works from the heart! Our goal is quality of life and quality care for our elderly and we strive to provide a very affordable service to our clients and deliver more than we promise. We believe in philanthropy and generosity. Our social conscience drives us to provide the best service we possibly can by ‘Putting Care First’…it's our way of giving back!
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