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Key2care charges you absolutely nothing...  until we achieve your funding increases! How great is that?
We don’t want any up-front payments, we only invoice when you are paid from Medicare!


But what if we don’t identify any increases?


Well firstly there are, more often than not, increases that have been unidentified that our team will reveal and secondly Key2Care absorb the risk so your organisation can have our services risk free without having to sell your soul to afford us.

The Key2Care Discovery service is a one-off payment and is a fixed fee based on a Health Check selected sample for a facility.


Beyond our Discovery service, Key2Care offers an Escape service where we work with clients over a fixed term to increase their overall ACFI opportunities across the entire facility.  These services are based on a fixed percentage of increases only.  In short, this means that if we don’t increase the ACFI capability of the resident, we don’t charge you anything!


The Escape service option is invoiced monthly after you receive your Medicare Payment.  We will tailor a rate for your facility based on a range of individual factors.


Key2Care’s Education Revolution sessions are reasonably priced to meet the demands of individuals and organisations.  Our sessions are calculated on a per person, per day rate of approximately $195 per day. We like to have a minimum of 10 people to make engagement and interactivity really worthwhile. Key2Care can deliver on site to work with staff or provide opportunities for centralised education delivery at numerous locations.


To ensure your existing claims will stand up to the scrutiny of Department Validation Key2Care’s Authentication service is charged at a daily rate. Key2Care negotiates these rates with its clients and stakeholders on a case-by-case basis.


Sanction & Compliance Services – Key2Care has been engaged with both large and small organisations who have faced facility sanctions and required Nurse Advisor support whilst in the recovery phase. 

Key2Care will tailor support needs with organisations who are requiring immediate additional resources in this area.  Our rate for these services is tailored directly to the needs and specialized circumstances of the facility.  Please contact us directly to discuss your needs so that we can work with you quickly and efficiently to support you through this difficult phase.  We know what you need and will work with you to provide the best possible outcomes for your residents, your team and the Departments requirements.


FInd out more about our ACFI services:


Key2care will audit all your existing ACFI claims for authenticity.


We report on any gaps or incongruences that may risk your claims and give you an action plan to remedy. We monitor actions to make sure you get it over the line to prevent any loss.


We can provide this service on site or as a remote service…it’s up to you.


Authentication can be conducted at any time to be ‘Validation Ready’.



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