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Gerontology Nursing Advocacy


The team at Key2Care believe that empowerment begins with education, which gives our patients the knowledge to understand what is happening and have some control over the outcome. We strive to educate our patients and/or their families so they can play an active part in the care provided.  We understand however, that there's a vulnerability that comes with being a patient that can leave you feeling powerless. How we educate our patients impacts their health and ultimately this will be reflected in their care.


Key2Care specialise in providing Gerontology Nursing Advocacy.  Our specialised Nursing team work on behalf of patients and their families to ensure quality of care and protect patients' rights. Our Clinical Advocates can be engaged to intervene when there is a clinical care concern, and following the proper channels, Key2Care will work to resolve any patient health care issues in consultation with the family and the client.


Our Clinical Nurse Advocates are very confident and skilled in the art of having difficult conversations and supporting assertiveness to providers of services on behalf of the family or their loved ones and will keep an open mind and maintain professionalism to achieve the best outcome.


Key2Care’s Clinical Advocates are often the voice for patients and families when they feel lost in the healthcare system. We offer support to operate as a liaison between families, patients, healthcare providers, healthcare organisations and can demystify government paperwork and process. Key2Care will support and assess the needs of patients and families and develop a plan to meet those needs, utilising available resources and care needs.

What does the Key2Care Nurse Advocate do?

The roles of a Key2care Clinical Advocate is multi-faceted, but the cornerstone of everything we do focuses on the best outcome for the patient and/or their family. This may include:

  • Demystifying the administrative processes around ageing and transitions

  • Assessing patient care needs during hospitalization and discharge

  • Providing information and advocacy to families and clients so that they develop a greater understanding of diagnoses and required care

  • Educating patients about diagnoses and supporting access to specialities

  • Advocating for treatments/procedures/resources and care that is appropriate for the patients care/outcomes

  • Reviewing family and patient care concerns or grievances

  • Providing support and guidance on expected outcomes

  • Educating families and patients on current standards of practice in the advancement of ageing

  • Demonstrating compassion and empathy with patients and families with regards to their healthcare wishes

  • Key2Care see our advocacy support as encompassing paternalistic concepts by protecting patients from any further deterioration or harm. 

  • Educating patients and families on necessary healthcare decisions without bias or coercion – we work for families and their loved one’s, not facilities or outcome driven process!


What does the Key2Care Advocacy Service cost:

Key2Care engaged specialised Nursing staff with advanced medical training around Gerontology.  Our team is small but focused on delivering excellence in everything we do, including advocating for our clients and their families.  We offer services in a face to face capacity as well as touch points via mobile and skype technology.


Our hourly rates start at $150.00 + GST per hour [charged in 15 minute increments].


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