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Placement Services

Key2Care Placement Services


Key2Care and the team have been supporting greater outcomes for Ageing Australians for many years.  Tiffany Wiles, the Director of Key2Care has more than 20+ years’ experience and qualifications in the Gerontology specialisation.  The team have a range of experience in service industry along with personal experience with the loss of parents and loved ones.


Key2Care is dedicated to providing families with bespoke support services to ensure that their loved ones are placed into the most appropriate aged care facility considering the required individualised needs and family connectivity.


It is important to note that ‘Key2Care’ is not aligned with ANY Corporate facilities or entities - We are a small, niche, client driven team who specifically bespoke needs for families during residential placement for ageing Australians, this can also include emergency respite and permanent care.

  • At Key2Care, we know which facilities best cater to specific circumstances from dementia to physical and mental disabilities or perhaps dietary or cultural requirements.

  • We understand how moving into an aged care facility can be an emotional, confusing and difficult experience for everyone in the family.

  • We take very seriously the our client’s concerns by doing everything necessary to ensure the smoothest possible transition from home or hospital, into a care facility; from assisting with choosing the most appropriate facility specific to each person’s care needs and helping the family with the financials, and dealing with the paperwork and assessment element.

  • Key2Care offers a complete bespoke service with individualised support that is guaranteed every step of the way; for as long as it takes.

  • Key2Care is highly experienced in dealing with the complexities of the aged care system – let us take the stress away for you and your loved ones! 

  • Key2Care supports families by providing a service that makes complex, time-consuming and emotional situations seem simple and less daunting.

  • Our team understands that all families struggle to cope with the stress and emotional practical issues relating to aged care placement of parents and loved ones, their transition into appropriate accommodation and their overall concerns around managing the ageing process.

The Right Care @ The Right Time


At Key2Care, we understand that sometimes an incident may happen to a loved one which becomes the catalyst requiring immediate action with regards to an urgent care situation for an elderly parent; partner or loved one!

Key2Care helps support families during these difficult times with the practical issues relating to finding the most appropriate aged care placement. During these times, Key2Care will engage a member of the team in a timely manner to meet in a face to face capacity to support a more personalised approach as we understand each client’s individualised need. We understand that these situations are never planned, are urgent and create a great deal of stress and emotional burden for the family.


An initial consultation will detail what needs to undertaken and documentation and links provided for the specialised needs in these difficult times. This process ensures the needs of the person and the subsequent placement we seek is a best fit to need.


Key2Care also offers a premium service package that includes post-placement checks to ensure the satisfaction of the client together with monitoring the client's overall happiness and identifying any concerns to be addressed post-placement into the facility of choice.


At Key2Care we provide support which is individually contextualised to the care needs of the person.  These may specifically relate to:  

Permanent Care

  • Key2Care support our clients with selecting a facility that can meet your specific needs which is critical for longevity and happiness!

Key2Care provides support in the selection of the living environment in which you or your loved one will enjoy the next phase of their life – this is an important and emotional decision.

Key2Care can help to inform and guide you to a facility that will meet the care needs and also the needs of your family. Our team has the experience and knowledge in different facilities and their capacity to provide needs to your loved one.

  • Permanent and respite care

  • Dementia and Frail care

  • Behavioural issue placement

  • Post-placement support


Transition Care

At Key2Care, we understand that sometimes situations can arise where care is needed for a short period before returning home.  We can provide support and guidance for you or your loved if they have had to spend time in hospital recovering from injury or illness and need further time in care before returning home.

Key2Care can help you to find a placement for a short term period as well. This placement may need to be into a facility or hospital that addresses the specific care needs whether it be:

  • Support to access specialist services ie. physiotherapy, food & nutrition, or podiatry

  • Support to access social worker & complimentary services

  • Nursing support for clinical care such as wound care

  • Respite Care

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