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Sanction Support Service


Sanctions on residential facilities may be applied to homes where the Department of Health has identified an immediate and severe risk to the safety, health or well being of its residents with regards to their care services. Sanctions can also be placed on a service provider when it has received a Notice of Non-Compliance but has not fixed the problem within an agreed period of time.


A range of sanctions may be placed on these providers depending on the problems that have been identified. Sanctions usually means that the service provider must use an expert to support improved Clinical outcomes.  In these cases, the Department may direct the provider to engage the services of an external Advisor organisation, such as Key2Care, to help fix the problems as quickly as possible.  Key2Care has well developed communication strategies and experience in this area and has worked closely with all stakeholders including the Department of Health to support and achieve Sanction recovery in the past.


Sanctions require the provider to remedy the issues promptly, so that they can sustain compliance.  
There are a range of penalties that can be applied to an aged care facility when sanctions are imposed.

There are a maximum of four sanctions which can be imposed on a provider as detailed below:

  • The provider is not allowed to receive Commonwealth subsidies for any new resident at the facility for a specified period, usually six months.

  • The facility’s approved provider status will be revoked, unless an adviser, such as Key2Care is appointed to the home. to ensure that the operator complies with its responsibilities.

  • The facility’s approved provider status will be revoked, unless an administrator is appointed to assist the home comply with its governance and business operations responsibilities.

  • The facility’s approved provider status will be revoked, unless an the operator agrees to provide relevant training within a set period, at its expense, for care staff, managers and key personnel, which can be facilitated by the team at Key2Care with the team.


Key2Care has worked with homes facing sanctions to support their recovery through the delivery of Nurse Advisors and Training and Educational services.  Our team work closely with the appointed Administrator; the Department of Health and the operational facility Managers to drive sustainable change and support the recovery phase and transition from sanction into compliance.


Our team will work with the Clinical team onsite in the day-to-day actions to support the strengthen in areas of systemic failure and advise the team on sustainable practices to return the facility to a compliant daily process.  We also work closely with the Administrator; facility Management team along with reporting to the Department on behalf of the client.


As a team, Key2Care is flexible and nimble in placing key staff into facilities that require immediate action to support rectification and recovery.  Contact us today to talk about the specific needs of your facility of business operation.

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